How It Works

Getting Started with PayGram

Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ... follow the guide below.

Sign Up

To sign up, use one of the 3 below options:

Create an account

Government issued IDs are required, DOB, address, email, phone etc.

Transmit money

Login your account, select country you want to send money to, enter amount, enter recipient details and put in method of payment:

Debit/Card, ACH or Mobile Wallet

Verify your details

Verify your details and send.

Download PayGram App

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How it Works

Sign Up/Login

Select Country to send money to

Enter Amount

Create recipient

Enter payment information

Review and confirm

All Done

Money Transfer

Our Services allow for the most efficient way to send money globally...

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Digital Financial Service

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Signing up today...

To sign up/register, all you need is a valid Government issued ID. Once signed up, an account or profile is created for you and ready to use ...

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